About Quantum Voyage and GoalTrak

Founded in 2000 by experienced, organization development consultant Rich Lewine and chemical engineer and programmer Stephen Dodd, Quantum Voyage, Inc. introduced GoalTrak® in 2004 at www.goaltrak.com.

Consisting of GoalTrak® EV for enterprises, GoalTrak® CV for executive coaching and mentoring and GoalTrak® PV for personal goal setting and tracking, GoalTrak® is a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) tool for setting goals.

GoalTrak® EV is the only, web-based, collaborative, strategic goals and performance management system based on a time proven, nine-step, goal setting process driven by the Vision, Mission and Strategy of the organization.

GoalTrak Fulfills A Need to Help People Achieve Smart Goals

During his consulting work with his clients, it became clear to Richard Lewine that most organizations didn't have a clearly defined system of goal setting.

And if they had goals, most of the time they sat in a drawer or in a binder on a shelf. People weren't setting goals to guide their day-to-day tasks and activities.

There was little, if any, tracking of measurable performance criteria. People didn't know how they, or the organization as a whole, were doing. This needed to change.

Personal Goal Setting and Tracking with SaaS

GoalTrak® EV is a natural outgrowth of Rich's organization development work; the marriage of the web to the technology of goal-setting. It brings an organization's Vision, Mission, Strategy and Goals to life.

Easily accessible to everyone in an organization, real-time status is available through dashboards, performance-management modules, and a results-management system.

Clients have been using GoalTrak® EV since early 2007, with stellar results. Clarity, improved productivity and more timely data for decision-making are just a few of the benefits of the SaaS GoalTrak® EV system.

Now we bring you GoalTrak® PV, a goal management tool with a personal goal setting and tracking process based on the same, powerful goal setting process developed for organizations. And because GoalTrak® PV is SaaS, you can access your goals from anywhere at anytime with an internet connection.

For real-time data to help increase productivity and save money, visit www.goaltrak.com or call 630-236-5332.

Work with Organizational Development Expert and Goal Setting Guru, Richard S. Lewine

Richard S. Lewine Richard S. Lewine began his journey in a family business, gaining his basic understanding of business and industry from the shipping-room floor.

Richard's subsequent stints in purchasing, shop-floor management of over 100 people and sales rounded out his initial foray into the commercial world.

After five years, Richard founded a textile manufacturer's rep organization, building it to a $6 million enterprise with multiple sales and administrative people.

During these years, he also became a distributor for several companies in the textile industry, servicing the Mid-Atlantic region,
which enhanced his already successful venture.

After 20 years of diverse operations, sales and management experience, Rich founded Achievement Alliance Corporation.

He became a distributor for Leadership Management Inc., creators and publishers of the finest personal and professional development programs available. Here, he helped CEOs and their team members in diverse businesses develop effective leadership and management skills.

Seeing a need, he began working with these same CEOs in Vision Building and Strategy Formulation, Sales Plus Leadership, Objective Performance Appraisal Systems, Succession Planning, Owner/Partner Transitioning, Exit Planning and Organization Goals Setting.

Now, as President of Quantum Voyage, Inc., he conceived and developed:
  • Travel  GoalTrak® EV, a collaborative, Web-based strategic goals and performance-management system for enterprise organizations

  • Write  GoalTrak® CV a Web-based goal setting tool for clients of business coaches and mentors

  • Create  GoalTrak® PV, a Web-based personal goal setting process and tracking tool for individuals.

During the course of his career, Richard has seen many individuals and organizations reap great rewards by setting goals.

Goal setting works and Richard is getting the word out.

He has taught goal-setting to high school students in the Philadelphia area, led organizational goal-setting workshops for continuing education classes at Villanova University, and currently volunteers his time to teach goal-setting to inmates ready for parole in a Pennsylvania maximum security prison.

Contact Rich for more information.

Work with Lead Programmer and Project Manager, Stephen C. Dodd

Stephen C. Dodd Stephen C. Dodd President, founded SCDware Corporation in 2002 after a 25 year career in the paper and converting industry. He was Vice President of two successful paper manufacturing and converting businesses.

As Executive Vice President, he led the turn-around of a paper mill from a multi-million dollar loss to a $500,000 profit, culminating in the sale of the company. As Vice President of Engineering, he was responsible for two $10,000,000 plant expansion and relocation projects.

SCDware Corporation is a company involved in manufacturing consulting,
specialty products distribution and software development.

Mr. Dodd began his relationship with Mr. Lewine as a client of Achievement Alliance Corporation when his first paper company needed organizational development and goal-setting skills.

With this experience, and his love of computer programming, Stephen did the software development for the original GoalTrak® PV, a PC based, strategic goals management system created by Mr. Lewine.

He has also been the lead programmer and project manager for the online applications GoalTrak® EV and GoalTrak® CV.

Mr. Dodd has served on the Board of Directors of a paper manufacturing company and has a patent in his field. Stephen is member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Chemical Society and Sigma Xi. He enjoys reading, table tennis and ice hockey in his spare time.
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